1965 Lincoln Continental Roadster RenderingThis 1965 Lincoln Continental started as a original hard-top and is progress of being transformed into a final product that has the clean, simplistic functionality expected in a roadster but the modern look and driveability everyone wants.

The exterior of the car will feature a monochromatic, pearl white with just a touch of some styling cues from the racing community in the use of black and carbon fiber accents, custom grill and badging.  Most of the chrome trim that classic Lincolns of the era are known for will be removed to provide a clean, sleek look.  Front corner markers will be filled and relocated to the front bumper for a unique look.

The interior will retain the current elegance and customization obtained through material and stitching selection.  The dashboard and steering column will stay true to the original look, but will feature modern electronics, gauges, stereo and conveniences. Since this is a roadster, all temperature elements and windows can be eliminated completely.

The Lincoln will go against the purists and include a 5.3 Chevrolet LS engine and automatic transmission.  An aftermarket Griffin aluminum radiator will be used to further reduce clutter and add to overall performance.  The focus will be on having a clean and simple engine compartment where they engine will adorn black accents in both gloss and matte finishes and stand out against the white engine bay.

For driveability, the suspension will be using a BC Fab 4 link suspension and air ride system.  For all around stopping power, Baer brakes with all new booster and proportioning valve will be used.  One of the best upgrades that we are performing is removing the stock steering box and utilizing a 2002 Ford Mustang rack and pinion to achieve the ultimate in steering.

The wheel and tire package will consist of 20×9’s up front and 20×10’s with just the right offset in the rear.  The color choices will be consistent with the engine in both gloss and matte black and gun metal colors.